Queen of Sheba, Ethiopian Restaurant is the place for great food, and friends. Our restaurant is built on the same foundations and traditions as Ethiopia.  A sample of our spicy and vegetarian foods will fulfill your hunger, and introduce you to the priceless traditions of Ethiopia. We invite you to experience the traditions and flavorful foods of our native country.


Ethiopian Cuisine features a variety of foods made with authentic spices.

Watt, which is a stew-like dish comes in a variety of forms such as beef, lamb, chicken, and vegetables. These range from hotly spiced (with berbere, a typical Ethiopian red pepper) to very mild. The more delicately seasoned watts are called "alicha," which contain no berbere. Fitfit, another exotic staple, is a combination dish prepared with broken bits of injera itself. Nitter Kebbeh, a specially prepared butter, is a key ingredient used to give these dishes their exotic flavor.

Ethiopian Cuisine, Food for Friends

Dining in Ethiopia is characterized by the ritual of breaking injera and eating from the same plate, signifying the bonds of loyalty and friendship. The quintessence of those bonds is often demonstrated in the form of Gursha, the placing of food in the mouth of another diner from one's own hand. Injera is our traditional bread, it is a large crepe pancake upon which various stew-like dishes are served. The traditional way of eating is with the fingers, which is a delicate art form. In this manner a bite-sized piece of injera is broken off to pick up a mouthful of the chosen dish.

Come join us for a change of pace! No utensils, spicy food, and a variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from!